Health Care Truths

This is the first offering of what I hope will be well received articles about “Health Care Truths.” The government, politicians, media, and health insurance companies have not been entirely truthful with the American people when it comes to something we know as Healthcare. I want to help everyone understand the truths about health care so we can all be healthier. If you want to help, feel free to pass these comments to friends and family so we all can enjoy a better life.

I will admit to being a conservative thinking person and I have never been a fan of President Obama and his policies that affect each of us. His policies on finance have given us bigger government, more debt, more unemployment, lower personal income, and an economy that is not growing fast enough. His policies have also contributed to a worsening healthcare system that a majority of Americans really do not benefit from, or even want. His policies also contribute to an educational system that doesn’t educate as well as it can, and much more.

But President Obama has finally given us a truth we can live with. Recently he told us that FIFTY YEARS of sanctions against Fidel Castro of Cuba have not worked to force good relations between the U.S. and Cuba. Because the sanctions against Cuba have not worked, President Obama has unilaterally ended them, and resumed relations with Cuba. Now I don’t care about relations with Cuba, it’s the fifty years that caught my attention.

Enough is enough because if a program is not working after fifty years or more, the program will probably never work. For instance; for over fifty years our government has been pouring our tax dollars into a hole called “poverty,” and we probably have more people in poverty today than we did when the program started.

For over fifty years the government politicians have tried to improve “education,” with very questionable results. Each year they are pouring more and more of our tax dollars into that educational hole and still have no clue how to improve it. For almost fifty years, government politicians have tried to make healthcare work. To be able to tell truths about health care I have written three books and I have experienced first-hand for about fifty years how inept a government-run health care system is. That being said, let us remember the great Albert Einstein told us, and I am paraphrasing, that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of “insanity.”

Can anyone tell me if there has ever been a government-run program that worked as it was intended? I would love to hear from you, and please be reminded, I would be happy if the government could run a health care system but I’m not holding my breath.